Crew of Beckett

Captain- Kristy “Kris” Moss (Dana)

Pilot- Isaac “Mr. Freeman” Nemo (Theryn)

Engineer- Jim “Jim” Dott (Quinn)

“Ambassador”- Johnen Lau

Before the Campaign

You are the crew of the freighter Beckett. You have been together as a crew for a few years now, performing odd jobs with reasonable success and payout. You have lived decently, but have yearned for larger and more lucrative jobs.

Job Details
Cortex Transmission

Site: High Court building, Osiris
Job: Steal court documents pertinent to the case against your employer.

Documents are kept in the lowest level of the Court building. Due to the nature of the material on that level, there is no Cortex access and all files are physical copy. All documents are filed according to the filer’s name. In this case, you are looking for the file labeled “Joshua Carron”.

Security: Full Alliance detail-
Six guards on the front door (Sonic Rifles)
Patrols throughout ground floor (Sonic Rifles)
Two soldiers posted at each of the Four elevators (Sonic Rifles)
Two guards at the Records Room door, will ask for ID (Sonic Rifles)
Retinal scanner on Records Room door (Coded for the 4 Record Keepers)
Two guards inside Records Room, patrol (Newtech Assault Rifles)

Guards are changed every six hours.

Current Record Keepers:
Aaron Dirm (6647 Unification Ave.)
Samuel Kale (491 Handel St.)
Seth Stile (385 Serenity Square)
Sheyeth Pack (999 Whedon Ave.)

More information for the Alliance garrison can be provided by a man on the inside. He will contact you upon entry of Osiris atmo.

A tip for you: read up on Osiris.

The Mission

Hector Malkin is under some legal pressure to give up his casino to the prewar landowners. Rather than actually do that, Hector would like you, crew of Beckett, to break into the High Court building on Osiris and steal the blasted court documents. These documents contain all records of the previous owners actual ownership.
If you accept the job, Malkin will have the useful information sent to you through the Cortex.

New Beginnings
Cortex Transmission

Greetings Beckett,

You’ve recently come to my attention as a discreet and reliable agent. Over the years I have heard much about your less-than-legal jobs. If you’re looking for something a little bigger than your previous jobs, come find me on Santo.

Hector Malkin


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